What is topology optimization?

From concept to validation Virtual.PYXIS, a topology optimization software, finds the best design of the component, running complex simulation problems.  The result of the topology optimization procedure is a high quality STL surface,  giving an easier geometry recovery.

The Company Virtual.PYXIS provides engineering service of optimization transforming an extended not defined design in validated models, in many different industries: automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, machinery, energy, railway, home appliances. It solves complex situations like nonlinear analysis as it is a nonlinear optimization software.

Below you can see one example of an integrated topology optimization process of Virtual.PYXIS optimizer software: a lightweight design of an engine mount support:

  • Starting from a concept with ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • Topology optimization program Virtual.PYXIS integrated to ANSYS Workbench
  • CAD redesign with ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • Parametric optimization for maximum stress reduction, using ANSYS Design Exploration
  • Static validation using ANSYS, considering the residual stress from casting simulation using MAGMA Software



Virtual.PYXIS runs engineering services using design optimization in ANSYS Workflow. Let us know about your needs of using design optimization in Abaqus and design optimization in Nastran.