Success Cases:

During the conventional design process, there are many manual design modifications the engineer has to create to approve a component.

It´s very difficult to reach the best design by using a manual procedure.

What is the topology optimization method inside Virtual.PYXIS? By using a structural topology optimization software, it´s possible to reach the optimal design in a much faster time compared to the manual design procedure.

An optimizer software gives a lot of benefits. Using Virtual.PYXIS you have the possibility to run an ANSYS optimization procedure inside Workbench. Abaqus optimization and Nastran optimization procedures are coming soon.

Below you can download some success cases to see how Virtual.PYXIS has been used for engineering optimization design. It´s a good topology optimization review. For these examples, it was run topology optimization in ANSYS. Examples of topology optimization in Abaqus and topology optimization in Nastran are coming soon.