Virtual.PYXIS is a topology optimization software recommended for engineers and designers who need to create innovative components with minimum weight, maximum stiffness or maximum vibration frequency. If you need a software for optimization, try now Virtual.PYXIS. If you need a software for optimization, try now Virtual.PYXIS. If you want to use our optimizer to run an ANSYS topology optimization procedure or an Abaqus and a Nastran topology optimization methodology, please contact us!

Success Cases

Virtual.PYXIS promotes a reduction in the time of development cycle, delivering designs with a broad range of structural improvements including less weight, greater efficiency, better performance, reduced energy needs, lower developing and production costs.

Below you can see some topology optimization examples where Virtual.PYXIS was used for engineering optimization designs. These are models of topology optimization in ANSYS workflow. New models of topology optimization in Abaqus and topology optimization in Nastran are coming soon.

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Tractor cabin support (using material nonlinearities)

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Piston (compliant mechanism)

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About Virtual.PYXIS

The design optimization software Virtual.PYXIS can be used in many different applications of automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, machinery, energy, railway, home appliances industries.

The structural topology optimization of Virtual.PYXIS creates a new organic design for an additive manufacturing of 3D printing process. Casting, extrusion and injection molding are other manufacturing conditions that can be used.